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4 themed shot glasses — great for parties due to the fact they are all different so they are easy to identify!

Fireball theme

•Fireball queen

•W.T.F. - where’s the fireball

•Fireball queen

•M.I.L.F - man I love fireball

Tequila theme

•Tequila made me do it

•Tequila, Tacos, and Tan lines

•Tequila fixes everything

•Salt, lime, tequila, repeat

21st Birthday Theme

•First Legal Shot

•Sip Sip Hooray

•Cheers to 21 years

•Get ready to stumble

Happy Hour theme

•Bottoms up

•Cheers bitches

•It’s shot o’clock

•This is a bad idea

Themed Shot Glasses (4)

Word color
  • These glasses are not dishwasher safe. Hand was only with soap and warm water.

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