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First: Pick your sign shape and color 

This is your design! Make it how you want!

Sign shape options: Oval, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Diamond, Jagged Rectangle, or Rounded Square. 

 Base color options: White, Antique White, Black, Maple, or Weathered Grey 

Word color options: Weathered Grey, White, or Black

*We ask that you choose one base color and a maximum of two word colors! Additional colors will result in additional pricing!* 

*NOTE: These are our basic color option as well as basic shape design. If you have interest in other shapes, colors, and/or adding more colors to your design please email us at

Second: Choose what you want your home decor sign to say


This is your custom sign! It can say anything you would like it to say! 

Ex: "Welcome-Ish -- Depends on who you are & how long you stay"

Ex: "Y -- Young Family -- EST. 1975" 

Ex: "Hello SunShine" 

*NOTE: While this is your custom design, please be aware of word lengths. While we are able to put as many words as you would like on your sign, we would like to ensure the best possible outcome for the design of your sign*

Third: Pick your font 

There are many different fonts out there that can and will help you sign becomes its own unique sign! 

Sign font options: Basic Print, Cursive, Daisy, English, or Fancy Cursive

*We ask that you choose a maximum number of two font! Additional font will result in different pricing!*

*NOTE: These are our basic fonts. If you have questions about other fonts you can email us at when sending all information about designing your sign.

Fourth: Email us to get your sign started! 

This is your last and final step! When emailing please provide us with your first and last name, the shape of your sign, the base color of your sign, as well as the font color, following with the quote you would like on your sign, and the fonts. If signs need anymore customization please provide in fine detail what you would like for us to do. Before beginning your sign, we will send you a digital rough copy. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST APPROVE THE DIGITAL COPY BEFORE WE WILL BEGIN YOUR SIGN!

*NOTE: All custom designs start at a basic flat rate of $39.99, which includes one shape, one base color, and two word colors. If more colors wished to be added, prices can be discussed by emailing us at

When emailing please have basic information such as name, shape, colors wanted, and words that you wish to have on your sign. While it may not take much time for us to get back to you, please allow 24-48 hours for response time.*

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