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About Me!



Hi there! My name is Aiyana Young and I would like to welcome you to my about page!

We all know that nobody's style is exactly the same as the next person. Here on my website I aim to designing and helping you build that perfect sign or picture, that will fit perfectly into your home! 

Here at Lines for your Designs, you can find your perfect design or even work together with myself to design your perfect sign/picture that will fit you space. All pieces are hand crafted and shipped by myself.

I pride on making all of my customers happy and hope to fill the empty space in your home with one or several of our signature pieces. While this is a new business, we guarantee nothing but utmost happiness and hope the you will continue to be a valued customer. 

Lastly, I would like to thank you for all of your support!

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Home Decor | Home Aesthetics 

Do you provide International delivery?


An international version of our website is currently NOT in affect at this current moment. As we are a new brand and website and partnering with the USPS, we are not able to deliver our merchandise internationally at the current point in time. 

How do I return an item?

If a product meet standard in our return policy, packing label will be emailed to you free of cost in order to return specific merchandise that needs to be returned.

What is your returns policy?


1) If product is received defective or damaged, items may be sent back for full refund or replacement.

2) Custom made designs are non-returnable and non-refundable.

3) In order to return an item, order number needs to be clearly engraved on the back of the merchandise. If order number is not clear item CANNOT be returned.

4)Item cannot be returned 30 Days after purchase. 

5) Items that were purchased on sale are nonreturnable as well as nonrefundable UNLESS merchandise is damaged or destroyed.

How do I track my order?

After payments have been processed and items have been shipped, you will relieve an email conformation with order numbers as well as tracking details. If for any reason your tracking number has not been sent to you after items have been shipped, please contact us as .

How can I contact your couriers?


1) In order to contact our couriers, you are more than welcome to contact us as, where we will be more than welcome to provide you with direct lines of contact to USPS.

2) Our courier information will be provided to you on your email conformation with tracking numbers

3) Our main courier at this current day and age is USPS. Their direct line of contact is 1-800-275-8777

What are your delivery options?


1) Local delivery is available within a 10 mile radius free of cost for same day delivery 

2) 10-25 mile radius can be delivered to you with same day delivery for $9.99 for non-customized items 

3) 1-3 day shipping through USPS is available for all states in US boarders 


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